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Winning Science March 26, 2014

Since its IPO, Facebook has been picking up smaller companies on a fairly regular basis in an attempt to improve the company’s profitability. The latest aquisition is Oculus, a company which makes VR headsets for gaming and 3D movies. Sure this is cool technology, but Facebook seems to be stretching a little too far outside its comfort zone with this one. ┬áIn this article, Mark Zuckerberg talk at length at where they see the technology going in five or ten years, but the reality is that the tech isn’t that advanced yet and since the Oculus Rift isn’t widely available, it is not clear whether people will even adopt the device in any great numbers.

Oculus Headset

Oculus Headset

When it comes to wearable technology, I think Google Glass is the way to go.

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