Winning Science March 26, 2014

Since its IPO, Facebook has been picking up smaller companies on a fairly regular basis in an attempt to improve the company’s profitability. The latest aquisition is Oculus, a company which makes VR headsets for gaming and 3D movies. Sure this is cool technology, but Facebook seems to be stretching a little too far outside its comfort zone with this one.  In this article, Mark Zuckerberg talk at length at where they see the technology going in five or ten years, but the reality is that the tech isn’t that advanced yet and since the Oculus Rift isn’t widely available, it is not clear whether people will even adopt the device in any great numbers.

Oculus Headset

Oculus Headset

When it comes to wearable technology, I think Google Glass is the way to go.

The ever increasing number of implantable medical devices is good news for patients.  However all of these devices still require some form of external power supply. Running a power connection from the device to the battery is not particularly feasible (who wants a power cord sticking out of their arm, really?) and wireless transmission doesn’t always work, given the density of bone and muscle.  The good news is that scientists are working to develop batteries that are capable of being absorbed by the body after they have been used up. While the charge they can carry is currently very limited, researchers have come up with several ideas that may work to extend the battery’s life.


It’s like Tony Stark’s arc reactor, only without the heavy metal poisoning.

Syria has announced that it is forming a space agency. No, you didn’t read that wrong:  I said Syria. Apparently the Assad regime is no longer concerned with the civil war that has consumed the country for the last two years. Instead they have turned their attention to the stars. Let’s be honest here, this is nothing more than a PR stunt from a country that has more important things to deal with than space exploration. I’m all for seeing what is out in the universe, but this is more than a little ridiculous.


Beyond the obvious obsurdity of this, there is the small fact that the majority of the country’s intellectuals have fled.

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