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Editorial | Six Reasons Supernatural is a Terrible TV Show [updated]

A few months ago, I wrote an editorial post that listed several reasons that Supernatural is a terrible TV show.  While my assessments of the faults of the show were correct, they were not complete.  Since that post still seems to get viewed daily (which we mentioned in Episode 5 of Random Thought Generator), I am updating my list.  So here is the new and improved set of reasons that Supernatural is a terrible TV show (and why I will continue to watch it).

Le Geeky Soap Opera

Le Geeky Soap Opera

1.)  Every adversary that Sam and Dean Winchester face is supposedly bigger and badder than the last adversary, but actually seems easier to kill.  This whole show started with John Winchester’s lifelong search for Azriel, the yellow-eyed demon who killed his wife.  John has been praised over and over (even posthumously) as being one of the best hunters who ever lived, and yet it took him a lifetime to find this demon and kill it.  These days, his sons discover big baddies and polish them off in the course of twenty episodes or so with relatively little effort. Continue reading


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