Editorial | 5 Reasons Supernatural is a Terrible TV Show

When I’m reading, I definitely prefer fantasy as a genre over science fiction.  Sci-fi has so many descriptions of strange species and technology, that I often feel that the story has been engulfed and overwhelmed.  However, when it comes to the screen—big or silver—sci-fi is much preferred to fantasy.  Still, not all sci-fi shows are created equal.  Let’s be honest, there are good sci-fi shows, and there are bad sci-fi shows, just as with any genre.  In fact, I think the following ratio sums it up nicely:

Supernatural/Grimm = Psych/NCIS

Without further ado, here are five reasons that Supernatural is a terrible show:

Is that a stack of credit card applications, or are you just happy to see me?

1.)         For people who commit credit card fraud for daily expenditures, Dean and Sam appear to never fill out credit card application forms.  Considering the heightened awareness of credit card fraud in the past decade or so, it seems as though they should be going through these things pretty quickly.  What address are they putting down for these cards?  How has no one noticed what has to be thousands of dollars in gas being fraudulently purchased?  In fact, my bank calls me to confirm that I actually am on a trip, if my card is used outside the state of the address I have given them.  Something seems fishy in the state of Denmark, Hamlet.

2.)         The demons that the Winchesters fight seem pretty impotent… until they’re not.  Simply repeating over and over how big and bad a character is doesn’t make that character actually big and bad. (The Yellow-Eyed Demon, Lilith, Eve…)

Just a little too pretty to be very scary.

3.)         There are no actual consequences to any of the brothers’ actions.  Somehow these boys have (allegedly) perpetrated every felony in the book, and yet no one seems to be able to catch and hold them to pay for these crimes.

4.)         Let’s not forget the multiple deals with multiple demons that they’ve made for one life or another.  Sam was revived by a covenant that traded Dean’s soul to the Cross-Roads Demon, which was later revoked.  Bobby almost lost everything to a card shark who played for time instead of money.  Dean was saved multiple times, including from the same card shark.  The only person who has actually paid the price for one of these deals seems to be the boys’ father.

5.)         There are no good and bad guys.  Sam and Dean eventually turn out to be selfish and petty enough to warrant plenty of head-slapping.  Demons turn out to sometime have good motives, and angels often have bad ones.  In a show about good versus evil, there seem to be no actually good or actually evil characters.

Are these actually good guys?

I’m a fan of Supernatural and I’ll support pretty much any sci-fi show on television, but the truth is that Supernatural is sci-fi “trash TV.”  I’ll keep watching my favorite guilty pleasure, but don’t expect me not to complain about it.

**This article has been UPDATED and a newer version can be found here.

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