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Winning Science April 11, 2015

In case you missed it, this week the Brontosaurus was re-established as its own genus (sort of).  Brontosaurus was, of course, formerly believed for many years to have been an incorrectly categorized Apatosaurus.  Since paleontology always gives preference to the first name given to a species, Apatosaurus won the name game, and the name ‘Brontosaurus’ disappeared–but not from our hearts.  Now, a computer algorithm that was designed to categorize fossils into genera has revealed that Brontosaurus should have its own genus, which makes me very happy.  For those who prefer their scientific news in video form, this should help clear up the controversy:

By far one of the funniest comments on the Brontosaurus issue that I’ve seen comes from @edyon209.

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