Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 112, American Gods Then & Now (AKA The Return of Mikey Mason)

In which, Tracy sits down with comedy rock star Mikey Mason to discuss one of his all time favorite books, American Gods, which has been made into a STARZ TV series, and is the inspiration for Mikey’s album Storm Coming.  The two of us compare philosophies, such as the God-Shaped Hole Theory and Plato’s well known Cave.  Mikey whips out some serious depth of knowledge and reveals that he has a personal quest to find Ash Tree Farm.

Show Notes:

American Gods

Starz American Gods

For fun, Mitchell & Webb’s Conspiracy Theories skit

J. R. R. Tolkien’s On Fairy Stories

Jeremy Davies

Anansi Boys

Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology

Mikey Mason’s website

Mikey Mason’s Bandcamp

Storm Coming (Mikey’s American Gods inspired album)

Beer Powered Time Machine podcast

All in the Reflexes podcast


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