Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 110, Trailers, Controversy, and Infinity Gauntlet

In which, our heroes take on the recent news that a Marvel artist was fired for putting extremely controversial (and not particularly subtle) references to Indonesian politics into X-Men Gold #1, Tom Hiddleston’s sex appeal, whether or not Taylor Swift is actually a fancy, animatronic suit, and finally delve into the depths of Marvel’s 1991 event Infinity Gauntlet.  We also reference goats a lot.

Show Notes:

Marvel statement on X-Men Gold controversy

Marvel fires Syaf over controversial artwork in X-Men Gold

Syaf addresses controversy on Twitter

G. Willow Wilson Comments on X-Men Gold controversy

Star Wars teaser trailer

Thor: Ragnarok full length trailer

Tom Hiddleston interview in GQ

Tailor Swift’s screaming goat backup singer

Jennifer Lopez’s booty is insured for $27 million

Man is surprised by a goat and a llama



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