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It’s Star Wars Release Day!

Today is THE day. The day I have been awaiting for several months. The day that has been on my calendar longer than anything else, except possibly that dentist appointment I can’t figure out how to delete. It is, in fact, the release day for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


With all of the hype and noise that is surrounding this latest release, it’s easy to forget that before Star Wars, movies weren’t like this at all. Star Wars, as a franchise, matters, if for no other reason than its effect on the film industry. While there were movie releases that were a big deal, they were never the international hoopla that the world is witnessing right now. Even the A New Hope wasn’t greeted like this. Most theatres had absolutely no intention of showing it. Fox resorted to requiring any theatre that wanted to show The Other Side of Midnight (a film based on a best-selling novel) also show Star Wars. It’s almost unfathomable to think that people were so uninterested in Star Wars that the only way they would show it was by tying it to another film. The most amusing part about the whole situation is that the Star Wars box office returns completely blew the other film out of the water.

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Guest Blog | How is Model UN like D&D?

That’s not the beginning of a joke, it’s the premise of today’s post by first time guest writer Ani Sinani, who participated in an Ad-Hoc Model UN committee this spring and was struck by its similarities to table-top and role-playing games.

Earlier this year, I participated in a Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Chicago. For those of you who don’t know, MUN is a competition in which students assume roles as the ambassadors of world nations and simulate UN committees. The same structure is used for non-traditional committees, where students usually assume the roles of high officials to simulate business committees, wars, presidential elections, and so on. So yes, you can definitely say that MUN is glorified role-playing. In Chicago, I participated in the Ad-Hoc committee, which is usually composed of the top student delegates in the country. The topic of the committee was not disclosed prior to the conference and no one knew what character they would be representing. Continue reading

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Editorial | Holiday Recipes for the Festive Geek

How does one show off one’s geeky side during the holidays in a tasteful manner?  It’s a problem as old as time.  Fortunately, my friends, I have the answer, and it is a brilliantly simple one: baked goods.  Obviously.  What else are your friends and family quite as happy to receive, after all?  In order to make your holiday season as festively geeky as possible, I’ve compiled some really cool recipes that reference fun fandoms. Continue reading

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Saturday Review: Black Knight #2

black knight 1

Black Knight (Marvel)
Writer: Frank Tieri
Artists: Luca Pizzari and Kev Walker


To say that Marvel has released a storm of number one issues is an understatement. It’s more of a Category 5 hurricane and even that may be selling things short. Like every major reboot, there are the truly mainstream titles such as the various Avengers and X-Men titles, then the slightly more off beat books, like Guardians of the Galaxy, and then there are the outliers. Black Knight is one such outlier. Continue reading

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