Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 45, Con Man’s PJ Haarsma


In which, Andrew, Tracy, and Kurt are joined by PJ Haarsma, an executive producer of the new hit web series Con Man.  PJ gives us the inside scoop on behind the scenes thoughts on fan generosity, scrambling to fix casting problems, and working around a five hour time difference with his leading man.  He also gives the origin story of his fabulous hair and reveals that there are FOUR planned seasons of Con Man that he and Alan Tudyk would like to produce and release!

Show Notes:

Con Man website

Con Man Indiegogo page

Con Man on Vimeo

PJ’s hair:


PJ with long hair











PJ’s amazing hair now

To Tracy’s chagrin, Kevin Grevioux’s last name is actually pronounced “Gree-vee-us” 

Alison Haislip Attack of the Show!

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