Editorial | Adventures on the Camino de Santiago (or, Tracy Learns to Take a Selfie)

My travels in Europe were designed to include a six day version of the Camino de Santiago, walking from Ferrol, Spain to Santiago de Compostela, a traditional pilgrimage that ends at the Cathedral of St. James.  My walk just happened to be at the same time as a bunch of other awesome people’s walk (just kidding, we planned it that way).  The views were more breathtaking than any photo could possibly do justice.

DSCN0461  I am notoriously bad at that pinnacle of photographic art: the selfie, so one of the personal transformations I was hoping to achieve while on this pilgrimage looking for mystical enlightenment was a better grade of selfie.  Of course, cosmic whim helps those who help themselves, so I practiced…

My companion here is a granite goat.

My companion here is a granite goat.

And I practiced…

DSCN0604The scenic vistas along my walk are absolutely gorgeous, and I would never want to take away from the real joy that I often felt on the Camino.  However, to be honest, I was not physically prepared.  There are several different routes that someone wanting to walk the “Camino de Santiago” could take, and this one included way more hills with much steeper grades than I had expected.  My knees and feet were hurting pretty badly by the end of day five.

Mostly the left foot.

Mostly the left foot.

Finally, on day six, our group made it to Santiago de Compostela, to the cathedral and the end of our hike.  I celebrated by (you guessed it) taking a selfie in front of the cathedral.


Unfortunately for me, the cathedral is under renovation to fix water apparently leaking through (?) the stone and damaging the intereior, which is why all the scaffolding.

In an interesting turn of events, as soon as I started exploring the town, I came across this lovely little shop that sells awesome geek stuff less than a block from the cathedral!  We geeks certainly do get around!!

Spain has been absolutely wonderful to me (well, all except the wifi; the wifi sucks), but I’m just about ready to wake up in another city pretty soon.  After Santiago, I’m headed to Barcelona.  Stay up to date with me on Twitter, which I’m trying to use more faithfully (@merryeyes).  I will also respond to comments here, but I don’t always see them right away, since I’m tied exclusively to wifi for that kind of thing while I’m in Europe.  Salúd!

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