Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 30, Feat. Pat Loika

(photograph from Buzzfeed)

In which, Andrew and Tracy get to meet the “comic book industry’s greatest sidekick,” Pat Loika, of the Loikamania podcast!  Pat has some great insight into what it means to be a fan of classic and modern comics, and tells us a little bit about his own experiences with industry giants such as Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathon Hickman.  Mostly, we just sit back and listen to his cool stories and ask occasional questions.

Show Notes:

Transformers #3 cover

Transformers #3 cover

Grant Morrison X-men costumes

Hickman’s Avengers

Loikamania Podcast

Gabriel Hardman

Brian Bendis (Marvel page | Tumblr)

Kris Anka (Marvel page | Tumblr)

Jordie Bellair / Dean White

Clayton Cowles

Joe Carmagna

Mark Morales

Grant Morrison

Jonathon Hickman talks Avengers and Secret Wars on Loikamania

Pat’s Buzzfeed article

Path to Armageddon


Ed Brubaker – The Fade Out / Criminal

Brian Bendis All New X-men

Sex Criminals

Bitch Planet

House of Cards


Law & Order: SVU

Ready Player One


John Scalzi’s Lock In

East of West

Episode music: Brian Setzer Orchestra, “Sleepwalk”

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