Around the Web January 16, 2015

Last year I sat down with two other geeky guests almost immediately after leaving the floor of Emerald City Comic Con for one of our very first podcast episodes. ECCC was probably the best con I attended last year and I have plans to go back. This week ReedPOP, who is known for putting on shows like NYCC, C2E2 and both PAX shows, announced that they had acquired ECCC. While I am a huge fan of NYCC, I, along with many people, was more than a little concerned by this news. ECCC has a reputation for being a special kind of show, huge but still comic and creator focused, unlike the circus that NYCC has become. Comics Alliance sat down with Lance Fensterman of ReedPOP and Jim Demonakos of ECCC to talk about their plans for the future of both ReedPOP and ECCC. For anyone who attends any of these shows, it’s an interview worth reading.


While it didn’t settle all of my concerns, the conversation did go a long way toward that end.

It’s always awesome to see the geek community coming out to help people. In Augusta, GA, the local 501st Legion recently presented a young boy with a prosthetic arm that had been 3D printed. The arm that cost approximately $300 was presented to the young man at a local theatre by several Legionnaires in Clone Trooper armor. Not only is this a great thing for them to have done, but it’s also an excellent example of what 3D printing can mean for society. There is almost limitless potential in what can be achieved with this technology and this is just one of it’s many uses.


Props to the 501st for their community service and also excellent cosplay.

Lastly, it was announced this week that actor Tom Hardy is unfortunately dropping out of DC’s Suicide Squad. The studio cited schedule conflicts as the reason and stated that they have made an offer to Jake Gyllenhaal to take Hardy’s place. Hardy has already been in one DC film as strongman Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. While I’m not necessarily disappointed to see Hardy go, I’m less than enthusiastic for Gyllenhaal. Hardy at least proved that he has the screen presence to be the group leader, Rick Flagg. I’m not nearly as certain that Gyllenhaal has the same ability. There is no word on whether Gyllenhaal will accept the role or not.


Of course I was wrong about Heath Ledger, so we will just have to see what happens.

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