Guest Blog | Top 10 Most Anticipated Fall Anime

Every season there are new anime series to watch and every season there are series that are hyped and everyone is excited to watch. The fall season has begun and here are the ten most anticipated series. Do they warrant the hype? I’ve got all the information that you will need to make your own decision.

#10 World Trigger

World Trigger

A few years ago, portals appeared in the sky overlooking Mikaido City. Out of these portals emerged monsters that were given the name Neighbors by humans. Before long a group of special border agents showed up to fight the Neighbors off. Since portals cannot be completely closed, a huge compound was built in Mikaido City to watch for new Neighbors attempting to come through the portal. They are dispatched with the use of Triggers, suits that also double as weapons.

This show is based on a very popular Shonen Jump series so the hype about it is a given. The fact that the studio seems to have skimped on the artwork is a surprise. During the first episode there were still frames while the narrator catches us up on what is happening. I understand trying to save a little money, but in the first episode? So far this seems like a basic anime battle series like Bleach or Naruto. However Osamu (the protagonist) seems a little quieter, and dare I say less annoying, than your average shonen protagonist so there could be some nuances to this series that are not yet evident.


#9 Selector Spread WIXOSS

Selector Spread WIXOSS

WIXOSS is a popular trading card game in which players battle against each other using cards that release figure sized dolls called LRIGs which fight each other. Ruko is an average girl who discovers that her LRIG is alive and she herself has been chosen to be a Selector. A Selector has to battle against other Selectors and will gain wishes if they win. If they lose three times, however, they lose all memory of the game.

This is a second season and it continues directly from where the first season ended. Though the idea of LRIGs are interesting, this series ends up being a card battle anime, so if Yu-Gi-Oh is an anime you enjoy but you wish it were full of pretty girls, this may be the series for you.


#8 Terra Formars

Terra Formars

Our world, Earth, is dying because of misuse. How does mankind intend to fix this? By sending mold and cockroaches to Mars, of course. The mold was supposed to terraform the planet while the roaches multiplied quickly and add much needed natural material for the mold to feed on. 500 years after this plan was first enacted, humanity is dying even faster because of a virus, and humans are being sent to Mars to fight the giant humanoid cockroaches that have evolved and taken over Mars.

The first episode told the story of the first two volumes of manga and still managed to be slow paced and boring. As the series has continued, the story and pacing has improved but it is still not as good as it should be. Also there is the problem of censoring. These images are how the series is being streamed to viewers on Crunchyroll. The censoring has rendered this series unwatchable.



During the Crunchyroll panel at NY Comic Con, they addressed this situation by stating that the series will be streamed uncensored at a later date. I will check back in with this series once they start showing the uncensored version.


#7 Ookami Shojo to Kuro Ouji

Wolf girl

Wolf Girl & Black Prince is a slice of life comedy based on a manga that I’ve enjoyed for years. The story starts off with Erik, a vain girl who is prone to lying. She likes to spin crazy romantic stories about her boyfriend and shows a photo of a very handsome boy as proof. Once she realizes that the boy in the picture goes to her school, she begs Kyouya to pretend to be her boyfriend. He agrees but his intentions are less than pure. Apparently he is a sadist and plans to make her his dog.

While this series sounds like it could go down a dark and perverted road, it is a shoujo and intended for teenage girls, so the series never gets too dark. Since it has good art, and a long manga to pull from, I have high hopes for this series.


#6  Log Horizon 2nd Season

Log Horizon

This story is based on the idea that when the twelth expansion pack, Novasphere Pioneers, for an extremely popular MMO called Elder Tale is updated, 30,000 Japanese players are sucked into the game. Shiroe (the typical, shy, awkward MMO player) teams up with his friends Naotsugu and Akatsuki in order to try to escape their new reality.

This is another second season show, but unlike some of the others, this series provides a recap of the first season of the show. The first half of the first episode is dedicated to reminding viewers of what happened in the first season. It is probably possible to watch this show, having not seen the first season. However, if this happens, getting to know the personalities of the characters will take a little while since the show assumes that the viewers know them already. The best thing about this series is the fact that it uses real MMO mechanics to serve as the basis for the show as well as the problems that arise.  A fan of MMOs would find this is a series that he could really get into, even without watching the first season.


#5  Girlfriend


Girlfriend is based on a mobile game in which the player has a handful of girls to choose from to go on dates and shower with affection. How does this become a series? I’m still not sure yet. The first episode was really cute, full of sweet girls, being friendly and adorable together. I assumed it would be a harem show with one average guy surrounded by oh-so-many adorable girls, but so far there is no main boy so I am unsure as to what this series will become. I’m hoping it will be a cute girls going to school and having fun, but considering it comes from a dating SIM-like game, most likely a guy will show up sooner rather than later.


#4 Nanatsu no Taizai

Nanatsu no Taizai

In the region of Britannia, there are a group of knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins. The King of the Liones Kingdom had the Holy Knights destroy them because a plan to overthrow his reign was discovered. Rumors spread that the Seven Deadly Sins were still around waiting and biding their time. When the Holy Knights staged a coup d’état and became the new rulers, Princess Elizabeth, the king’s only daughter, goes in search of the Seven Deadly Sins to help her take back the kingdom.

The art style may be a bit difficult for some viewers to become accustomed to. However while this series has typical shonen trappings, the story seems to have that je ne sais quoi  that can elevate this show beyond just another fighting show. I have high hopes for this show.


#3 Yowapeda: Grande Road


Sakamichi is an otaku who dreams of joining the anime club at his new school. When he sees that there isn’t an anime club at his school he tries to find enough members to form a club. While trying to find members, he meets Shōkichi who convinces him to join the bicycle racing team instead.

Like so many other series on this list this is a second season show, but unlike many of the others, I feel that it is possible to watch this without having seen the first season. Of course, watching the first season will provide more of the backstory of the friendships in this series, but at the end of the day it’s a show about boys riding bikes and competing in races. This is a fun sports anime for those that love them.


#2  Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

Fate/stay Night

Every few decades, mages force their servants to duel for the right to make a wish on the Holy Grail. There are seven types of servants (Archer, Saber, Lancer, Rider, Berserker, Assassin, and Mage) who usually embody famous figures from legend. Rin Tohsaka is the main character who has summoned an Archer to assist her. This is a point of contention, since she had originally wanted a Saber, since Sabers tend to be the most powerful of the types.

This is just beautiful anime. Such a lovely series, the art, the style, everything is beautiful and expensive. The Fate/Stay series is very popular, especially this story because it is based on one of the most popular of the Fate/Stay visual novels.  It is obvious that time and money were pumped into this show, which is reflected in the quality.

For fans of the series, this is just another great part to add to the Fate/Stay dynasty. Those who are new to this series may not find this the greatest jumping-in point. While there is some explanation given, it is assumed that viewers already know much of how this world works.


#1 Psycho_Pass 2

Psycho Pass

Considering how popular the first season of this show was, it’s no surprise that Psycho Pass was most anticipated anime of the season.  The first season introduced viewers to the world of Psycho Pass. Set in a dystopian future, there are sensors all over the city that scan a person’s psycho pass. The psycho pass is the mental state, likelihood to commit a crime, personality, etc. If abnormalities are found, the scanners will call the authorities to come take care of the issue.  Officers are equipped with weapons called Dominators.

The second season launches into the series without the backstory. Considering how the first season ended, the business-as-usual attitude of some of the characters is quite surprising. Though it seems to lack some of the heart of the original series, this is a must watch for any Psycho-Pass fan.

The first season should be watched by anyone who is a fan of L.A. Noir, Minority Report, Blade Runner, or Gattaca. This show is heavily influenced by those movies and it really is an interesting and fun ride.


This anime season looks like it could shape up to be great one. There are several genres of shows for a variety of interests. Gamers will surely find Log Horizon and Selector Spread WIXOSS interesting, while sports fans will enjoy the camaraderie of Yowapeda. If romance interests you then give Girlfriend a chance. If you are a big fan of dystopian stories, especially with heavy sci-fi elements, then Psycho Pass is a must watch. There is something for everyone, no matter what interests you may have.

So has any show piqued your interest? What genre is in your wheelhouse? Leave a comment below and let me know what shows you’re most interested in.

– by Jessuina Powers


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2 responses to “Guest Blog | Top 10 Most Anticipated Fall Anime

  1. Ramielb

    Just curious, where did the basis of “most anticipated”? Are they your most anticipated, or did you get them from a list somewhere? Seen kinda arbitrary, though at least you got FS/N and PP up there. Maybe tell us “why” they are anticipated.
    Your write ups are ok, but don’t really tell us much more than what we could gather from anichart, and your personal impressions are pretty basic. Maybe also mentioning things like the studios working behind them, voice actors, etc. But also be sure to include what about the show most made an impression on you. It’s hard to do after only one out two episodes, but you can say things like: has good production value, really funny dialogue, likeable characters etc. to give us an idea of what we are in for.
    For the record, Wixoss is really nothing like yu gi oh, other than it involves card games.

    • Jessuina

      If you were to Google the top 10 most anticipated fall anime, this is the list chosen by thousands of anime fans.
      This isn’t my top 10. Many of the shows I was most interested in didn’t make the list which is a shame since this list is missing some great series.
      I tried to give a synopsis as well as a very basic feeling of the first episode. I could have gone more in depth but chose not to as a way to give people who aren’t anime fans an intro into these series. I’m hoping non anime fans will find something interesting that may get them into anime.
      As for YU-GI-OH and Wixoss, well I feel there are similarities.
      Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V has the prize of infinite possibility & Wixoss has the prize of any wish being granted. Of course there is the whole being transported to another plane to battle as well.
      There are hints throughout the first season of Wixoss that Ruko is not what she seems and that she may be either an LRIG that somehow became human, or more likely a LRIG fused with Ruko and they now share her body. Very similar to the whole Yugi/Yami storyline.
      Honestly I could have chosen Madoka but as this was for people who haven’t seen much if any anime, I chose Yu-Gi-Oh.
      If I decide to do a in depth review of the series that I am still watching, I will heed your suggestions about more character analysis, as showcasing of the studio behind the shows.

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