Therefore I Geek Reviews…Loot Crate

Since our change in programming, Tracy and I have been debating what to do in the event of a fifth Friday in the month. In the end we decided to review various geek products and services. It gives us a chance to enhance our geeky lives, and lets you find out if things are worthwhile, without having to drop that oh-so-precious cash only to be disappointed. This month we’ll be talking about Loot Crate.


For those of you who haven’t seen ads on Facebook (which is where I found out about them), Loot Crate is a monthly service in which for $20 a month you get sent a box of fun, random, geeky stuff that has a retail value of more than the $20 you just put down. I have been partaking in Loot Crate since January of this year and I have to say that overall I’ve been pretty pleased. Loot Crate offers one, three, and six month plans with the longer ones offering a slight discount on each crate. Personally I have a three month subscription because when I signed up, I figured three crates would give me a fair taste of what kinds of things were ending up in the crates. Each crate has a monthly theme and includes a themed button and small magazine which discusses the loot and a few topics that relate to the month’s theme. The contents of the crate is a secret until several days after shipping, though every crate is the same (with the exception of items that are obviously random like mystery minis). Additionally, your subscription automatically enters you for a chance to win that month’s Mega Crate, which is full of all kinds of insane stuff worth at least $750. August’s had a 3D printer, 3D scanner and several expensive Lego sets. Not too shabby.

The Loot Crate box arrives promptly at my house on the 20th of each month. They always ship on the 18th, but the arrival date varies a little depending on where you live with respect to wherever they’re shipping from. My first crate was absolutely awesome, full of Star Wars stuff, which is right up my alley. The next couple were a little less so, but still not bad. The last two month’s crates have been outstanding. As the service gets more popular, Loot Crate has been able to get several companies to offer Loot Crate exclusives in each crate. July’s crate offered an exclusive variant cover of Rocket Raccoon #1 and August’s had an exclusive Groot Funko POP figure. Both of these items are already hit tickets on eBay, though I have no intention of selling mine.


August’s Crate

Loot Crate is one service I can absolutely recommend. While each month may not be your dream crate, I can’t think of a single one I’ve received that didn’t have something in it that I enjoyed. Not only that, but with the last couple months, the crates have been getting exponentially better. I can’t wait to see what September’s crate has to offer.


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4 responses to “Therefore I Geek Reviews…Loot Crate

  1. This month was my first loot crate and I love it!

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