Around the Web September 6, 2013

As a geek chick, and the editor of a geek blog, I have noticed a bizarre dichotomy in the geek world.  Intelligent, respectful geeky guys find it exciting, and dare I say sexy, that a woman would be interested in comics, video games (in theory, but that’s another story), science fiction, and other cerebral forms of entertainment.  However, not all men are intelligent and respectful, painful as it is for me to admit.  In honor of these lesser geek-forms, Therefore I Geek presents a special edition of Around the Web.

This comic from Dork Tower is the epitome of an opportunity for a geek guy to (gulp) talk to a female that actually shares his interests and perhaps find some common ground.  If he’s lucky he might even walk away with her phone number (or the URL to her blog /wink).  Instead, he… well, I’ll let you see for yourself:

A perpetual fear, as I prepare for my first comic convention.

It is important to note here that geek women do not consider ourselves goddesses.  However, we DO vehemently argue the validity of our geekhood.  I, myself, am able to talk many geek guys under the table with my knowledge of Lewis and Tolkien (so few have even bothered to read Till We Have Faces that it isn’t that difficult).

Last but not least, my challenge to geek guys is:  if you don’t know about my particular type of geek, please ask!!  As the blog has stated before, every geek wants to talk about their particular passion.  That applies to girls too.  If you can’t quite get up the courage to ask, at least don’t show your ignorance on the internet, because geek women will take you down! 😉

Being judgemental on the interwebs never ends well.

So geek guys, don’t be intimidated!!  There is more acceptance of geek culture than ever before, and with girls finally feeling empowered to embrace their inner geek, this opens up so many possibilities for interaction that involve more common interests and less staring at feet.


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2 responses to “Around the Web September 6, 2013

  1. redblooms

    I’ve faced problems with guys not believing I actually read comics and play video games. It’s infuriating.
    By the way I love Till We Have Faces!

    • Lewis is perhaps my very favorite author. It’s very unfortunate that the same geek guys who complain that they cannot find a woman to date are also so eager to declaim women who share in their interests. Of course, this isn’t ALL guys, but enough to be frustrating! -t

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