Fit 4 Con Update: Week 7

Feeling good! I’m down 5 lbs now and it’s starting to show. My pants fit a little better, which is always a plus. Weight lifting is going well too. I’ve been able to really push myself and start to make some progress. It’s not much, but considering where I started, I’m pretty pleased. I’m not going to break any records, but it’s a really great feeling to get in one more curl than last time or add ten lbs to the leg press. I’d like to get to the gym a bit more often than I have been (only 2-3 days a week) but life has been getting in the way a little bit. Come Monday however, I’m off of night shift and my house is back in order, I can go back to 3-4 days a week, which is where I’d like to be. Fifty four days to NYCC and I can’t wait!

Oh Yeah!

Oh Yeah!

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