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Therefore I Geek Podcast Special Edition Feat. Sam Ellis



In which Andrew and Tracy chat with Sam Ellis, illustrator on Frisky Dingo, lead illustrator and character designer for Archer, and most recently, writer and illustrator for Adventure Time #31, at Borderless Comics.  Sam gives us some great insight into the comics and cartoon industry and tells some really interesting stories.  He also makes odd mouth noises.

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Saturday Reviews: Nightcrawler #4


Four months ago I remember talking with a local comic shop proprietor, discussing the first issue of the new Nightcrawler series being penned by Chris Claremont. Nightcrawler is the shop owner’s favorite X-Man and we are both fans of the great work Claremont did back in the day, but after the disaster that was X-Men Forever we were both rather skeptical of where this series was going. Four issues later, however, I am completely sold.

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