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Winning Science April 16, 2014

The Cassini spacecraft has discovered what appears to be a new moon being formed in the rings of Saturn. The new moon, named Peggy, is being formed from the ice that makes up Saturn’s rings. While this baby moon is still currently too small to see, the gravitational effects on the rings are visible. Peggy joins the 62 other moons that Saturn has, both official and provisional.


The moon might be named after a real person, but all I can think about is the guy from the Capital One commercial.

Leave it to the folks at MIT to determine that our furniture is too lazy. They seem to think it should be doing more for us. The Transform projects created a table-ish structure that moves and responds to people. The system senses when a person is nearby using a Kinect (from an Xbox). The table uses 1,152 plastic pins to provide motion. There is also a fantastic video of the table rolling a ball around. Yes, you just read that right, the surface is moving a ball around, in a controlled and complex manner.


Maybe it won’t be too long until we have hospital beds like Yashida’s in The Wolverine. Seems like it could be comfy.

Scientists in Russia have successfully grown a new esophagus and implanted it in a rat.  What is an esophagus? When you drink something and you start coughing because it went “down the wrong pipe,” it should have gone down the esophagus. It’s the part of the body that takes food and liquids (e.g. beer) from the mouth to the stomach. The Russian scientists were able to accomplish this by using a scaffold of existing cells and then allowing stem cells to develop around that scaffold. Not only is this a fascinating advance, but an interesting technique for doing it as well.


I’m pretty partial to my own esophagus because of the whole loving beer and food thing.


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Winning Science July 3, 2013

Apparently the Lock Ness Monster is may actually be a fault running under the lake. Somehow I don’t think this theory will quiet down the nut case conspiracy theorists, but that’s just me.


I’m a little disturbed that people can’t tell the difference between a prehistoric sea monster and a log. Yeah, that really happened.

Two of Pluto’s moons have brand new names, but Vulcan isn’t one of them (sorry Bill Shatner). I had absolutely no idea Pluto had 5 moons!


Why is is that we only have one moon and its got the most lame name. Can’t we come up with something better than “The Moon”. I mean for crying out loud, we’ve actually been to our moon.

Speaking of outer space, this trailer was just released. The film is made using all real photos from years of space missions. This is definitely going on my calendar, even if it will be Spring 2014.

This is absolutely gorgeous. While I realize that beauty is no reason to explore the universe, it sure is one hell of a bonus.

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