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Kickstarter Spotlight: Micah Myers and The Disasters

Let’s start off with you telling us a little about yourself and how you got into comics, on a personal level?
My name is Micah Myers, and I am a comic book letterer and occasional writer from Portsmouth, VA. I got into reading comics in 2006 after watching Comedians of Comedy. In the movie, Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn make stops on their comedy tour to pick up comics. That got me interested in comics after a long break from when I was a kid. Fun fact: one of the first comics I bought when I got back into buying was Countdown #52. Somehow I still am buying comics.
How did you become involved in the comics industry, as a profession? Not many people decide to go into lettering. You guys are the unsung heroes of the industry.
I spent the first ten years after high school going through a bunch of careers. I started looking into jobs in comics. I couldn’t really draw well, and I still don’t understand how coloring works. I had started to take classes in graphic design and a lot of that is applicable to lettering. Through that, a book by Richard Starkings, a bunch of letterers blogs, and a whole bunch of practice, I learned how to letter comics. I started getting jobs then more jobs came my way until it became my career. More precisely, I got laid off from my day job, and my wife had just became a nurse. She let me take it a crack at only lettering and thankfully it worked out.
What is it about comics that you enjoy so much?
I love the weekly trips to the store (which I am several weeks behind on unfortunately). I love the continuing stories. I love all the different art styles. I love the community. I love too many things to even really list.
Tell us about your Kickstarter campaign.
The Disasters is a comic about four D-List supervillains that go on the run together after accidentally killing a superhero. The first story will be told in a four 5 page stories and a bookend page. Each story will feature one of the characters’ backstory and lead right into the main story each by a different artist. Bobby Simpson will be handling Enforcer, a former pro wrestler who has a grudge against a superhero. Marie -Enger will take on Bimara, a super-powered thief who is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Morgan Sawyer will be doing art for Glider Hench #4, a lifelong henchman who is looking for his chance to move up. Joe Badon is taking the reins on Snow Globe, a demolition expert who blows stuff up for money. Last but not least, Hoyt Silva will be handling the bookend page.

Gorgeous Art by Hoyt Silva

Where did you come up with the idea for this story?
I am not sure when I got the idea. I was thinking characters like Batman are only one lucky shot from dying. What would happen if one of his supervillains got that lucky shot? It grew from that idea.
The Disasters are a pretty diverse set of characters. How did they come into being, as characters? Did you develop them individually or as a team?
After settling on the idea like I said above, I starting thinking about who my villain is going to be. I have always loved the goofy villains so I was having trouble figuring out what kind of villain was going to be in my story. So I evolved the idea to a team book. Enforcer came about from my love of pro wrestling. Bimara is an analog for one of my favorite villains, Count Vertigo. Glider Hench #4 is a mix of weird gimmick villains like Kite Man or Condiment King and also my favorite show Venture Bros. Snow Globe is like a Batman villain who is crazily obsessed with something and will do anything to feed that obsession.
You’ve assembled quiet the team of artists. How did you get all of them involved?
Bobby was a friend of a friend, Hansel Moreno. I friended him on Facebook, and found out he was a great artist with a unique style. Marie Enger was having a commission sale that Mike Exner III (one of the heads of Loophole Comics, the company helping put out The Disasters), posted, and I have been following her ever since. I met Morgan at Tidewater ComiCon a couple of years back, and fell in love with his art style. I have lettered a few books that he did art on, and love working with him. I friended Joe Badon on Facebook after seeing his art in a creator group. We had a lot in common and became good friends. Me and Hoyt met last year at Heroes Con. A few weeks later, he contacted me about lettering his issue of Mercy Sparx for Devil’s Due. An opportunity that lead to me lettering a lot of work with Devil’s Due. I also recently started working on a new series that he and Shane Berryhill are doing for Action Lab, Adventures in Crime.

The Enforcer

Who would you say are your influences? 
I love fun comics. Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis’ JLI has to be one of my biggest influences. I would say Superior Foes of Spider-Man and Suicide Squad are also very influential when it comes to this story.
How would you describe your creative process?
I sit down and turn on some music and get to writing. Nothing too fancy.
What do you hope to accomplish with your campaign?
I hope to have a successful campaign. I tried this previously and we did not reach our goal. This time I was able to get some art completed and added a new variant cover from the amazing Rachel Ordway. After this comic is complete I hope to be able to continue the story with an oversize conclusion issue.
How is the campaign going?
We are already at about the same amount we got to at the end of the campaign last time. We still have a few weeks so I feel good about our chances especially with getting the word out with this interview.
Do you have other stories that you’re looking to tell in the future?

I have another comic for my character, Pantherman. It will be a oversized one-shot or maybe graphic novel about a supervillain crime boss who spends 20 years in prison. When returning home, he has to decide if he is going to pick up where he left off or turn over a new leaf and clean up his neighborhood.  I got a few other ideas but let’s see how these two go. I don’t have big plans to trade in my lettering job for writing. I am a letterer who has a few ideas and some talented friends who can help make them a reality.  Thank you for having me do this and helping to spread the word on The Disasters.

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