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Around the Web September 5, 2014

Most geeks I know are looking forward to the premeire of Gotham in just a few weeks. ¬†Unfortunately, most of the people I know also lead busy lives and might miss an episode or two. With DVRs that’s less of a worry, but is not completely alleviated. I know from experience that I have both forgotten to record shows or the DVR has screwed up and only recorded five minutes. As far as Gotham is concerned, it’s no longer a worry because Netflix has already acquired the rights to the show. In a fairly unprecedented move, Netflix has obtained the rights to a completely untested show (that isn’t a Netflix original), and it will be the international source for video-on-demand services.


It’s worth noting that Amazon did something similar with Under the Dome, though not to the same extent as Netflix. Continue reading


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Around the Web November 9, 2013

Let start off today’s Around the Web with a little Star Wars news. Disney has released a new Star Wars mobile¬†Tiny Death Star game based on the popular Tiny Tower. I’ve already downloaded the game and so far so good. I’m not all that far in, but I’m already loving the 8-bit graphics and the little goofy bits. The game starts off with a conversation between the Emperor and Darth Vader regarding how to pay for the new Death Star in which Vader offers to get a job to help out.


The other news, a bit more disappointing, is that the yet unnamed Star Wars VII will not begin with the familiar Fox theme music. This makes sense given that Disney now owns the franchise, but Star Wars has one of those very memorable openings, and the Fox theme is part of that opening.

Popular Science has a clever little Do-It-Yourself project that many of you may find handy. It’s a stand that you can build to use your phone as a scanner. Best of all it only costs around $5.


Even a broke college student can find five bucks. Just don’t do laundry for a few weeks and save the quarters. Don’t tell your room mate I said that.

In advance of the Sochi Winter Games the Russians have pulled out all the stops trying to show off and they may actually have a leg up this time. The Russians have sent the Olympic torch into space, which has never been done before, and then sent it on a space walk. The torch is, of course, not lit, because that would be bad, but at this point I’m not sure what anyone else can do to top it.


The torch gets to go into space, and I’d kill for the chances. This isn’t very fair.

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