Around the Web September 5, 2014

Most geeks I know are looking forward to the premeire of Gotham in just a few weeks.  Unfortunately, most of the people I know also lead busy lives and might miss an episode or two. With DVRs that’s less of a worry, but is not completely alleviated. I know from experience that I have both forgotten to record shows or the DVR has screwed up and only recorded five minutes. As far as Gotham is concerned, it’s no longer a worry because Netflix has already acquired the rights to the show. In a fairly unprecedented move, Netflix has obtained the rights to a completely untested show (that isn’t a Netflix original), and it will be the international source for video-on-demand services.


It’s worth noting that Amazon did something similar with Under the Dome, though not to the same extent as Netflix.

Polish man Sylwester Wardega has made internet news with his hit prank. Wardega dressed up a dog in a furry, eight-legged suit and let it loose to chase after people, looking something like an enormous tarantula. The video released on Youtube is one of the funniest things ever. Of course, upon closer inspection it’s clearly a dog in a costume, but nobody bothers to stick around for that second look. The cheesy sound effects are also pretty amusing.

The video has over 8 million hits.

Finally, we get our first good look at the new Thor comic from Marvel. A while back we at the blog mentioned how excited we were about this new character and having seen the cover and some of the interiors, I have to say I’m even more excited than before. I loved Jason Aaron’s work on Wolverine and the X-Men so I’m interested to see what he will do with a solo title as opposed to a team book. I’m unfamiliar with Russell Dauterman’s art, but if the pages that we see here are any indication, I’ll be very pleased indeed. I am a little disappointed that the new Thor won’t be Angela, but she’ll be getting her own title as well, so I’ll just enjoy the mystery of who the new Thor is for now.


Having said that, if it takes years to reveal who the new Thor is (like Red Hulk) I will be planning a trip to Marvel so that I can deliver some very terse words. Marvel, you are warned.

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