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Around the Web September 19, 2014

Those of us who are not fans of Digital Rights Management (DRM), will be happy to hear that there has been another victory against it. Comixology has announced that over 4000 comics available on the site have been made DRM free. Comics from twenty publishers are now available with PDF or CBZ files that can be downloaded, stored and used however the reader would like. While Marvel and DC are not among the publishers going DRM free, hopefully they will start to feel the pressure soon and jump on the bandwagon.


I’m not exactly holding my breath, but I think that eventually they won’t have much choice. Continue reading


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Ding Dong! DRM IS DEAD!

In a victory for the consumer, Microsoft has just announced that the much anticipated Xbox One will no long require the console to be connected to the internet 24/7. As someone who plays single player games almost exclusively, and often does not connect his console to the internet, I am very glad to hear this news. Also, the current system of pre-owned will continue unchanged, much to the rejoicing of many avid, yet thrifty gamers. Maybe this will teach Microsoft to listen to what the consumer wants, and not just what they think we should want or worse, what pads their bottom line.

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