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A Stroll Among Shadows: A fan’s thumb nail guide to film noir, pt 2

A couple of months ago, I gave a detailed and involved description of film noir, discussing its history and the key points that make a noir story.  Here I just want to name a few of what I think are the key films for this era that not only embody key characteristics of the genre but also turned out to be great entries in American film making. Continue reading

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A Stroll Among Shadows: A fan’s thumb nail guide to film noir

The last thing that I want to write for this blog post is a paraphrase of the Wiki page about film noir, so for our purposes here, I’m going to talk about my experience with film noir and give an overview of what it is, some of the history, stars, directors, archetypes, and mostly talk about my favorites in the genre.

So just what is film noir anyway? The word noir gets thrown around a lot in modern movie geek-speak, but doesn’t seem to have a hard and fast definition. How does one separate a film noir from a run of the mill crime film? I’ve heard movies referred to as modern noir or neo-noir; I even referred to A Dame to Kill For as a comic noir in my review. Believe it or not, “what is film noir” really isn’t an easy question to answer. Continue reading


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