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Winning Science May 20, 2014

Pretty much everyone has accidentally put metal in the microwave at some point. The reaction is pretty scary: weird noises and the metal object arcing and sparking, and maybe even jumping around some in the microwave. We all know what happens, but not many of us know why it happens. This article does a pretty good job of summarizing the results of microwaved metal, but in general it has to do with the makeup of metal on a molecular lever. Turns out those material science classes in college weren’t completely pointless.

As a kid, I didn't know these were metal...until i put one in the microwave.

As a kid, I didn’t know these were metal…until i put one in the microwave.

Also, it turns out that grapes in the mircowave are way more dangerous. If you don’t believe me, check out the video at the end of the article.

Like many geeks, I love to read science fiction. One of the most commonly used plot devices is the robot. From I, Robot to Blade Runner and Transformers, these artificial characters dominate stories and are capable of all manner of impressive feats. The sad truth in real life, however, is that robots, while incredibly good at one or two things, excel in very few things, especially when compared to humans. Popular Science offers us a deeper look into the realities of robots and how they compare to their fictional brethren.

Somehow I don't think this guy will be saving the universe any time soon.

Somehow I don’t think this guy will be saving the universe any time soon.

I still want my car to drive me around. Seriously…like ASAP.

Ever wonder what makes a video or article go viral? If you have, you’re not alone. Scientists have just begun to study what makes a person more likely to share a link or video, and the results are interesting. Studies have shown that content that evokes strong emotion is the most likely to get shared. Although those that are positive are the most likely to be shared, negative posts are not far behind. Also surprising is that people who are in an emotionally or physically excited state are more likely to share. Researchers found that people who were active for sixty seconds before looking at online content were more likely to share said content than those who were relaxing beforehand.

Now if only they could explain why cat videos do so well.

Now if only they could explain why cat videos do so well.

This probably explains the daily, raging hate-fest that makes up my local newspaper’s comment section.

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Around the Web July 26, 2013

NBC News recently got a tour of “the coolest museum you’ll never see”. The reason you’ll probably never see it is because it’s located inside CIA headquarters in Langley, VA. For the most part access is restricted to CIA personnel and invited guests. The museum houses some really cool items dating back from to the CIA’s predecessor organization, the Office of Special Services (OSS).

spy-CIA_LOGONot only is there the cool, nearly inaccessible museum, there is also a classified collection that I’m sure is even cooler. While the general public can’t get access to the museum itself, some of the collection can be viewed here.

Ever gone to a baseball game in the middle of summer, gotten yourself a nice cold beer, sat down, taken a sip, only to find out that the 98°F weather outside has already turned your cold beer warm? This is why I don’t get beer at baseball games, and it’s a shame. But now, thanks to the brilliant people at Dodger’s Stadium, this is no longer an issue. These geniuses (and I truly mean that) have discovered a machine that freezes beer foam to act as a mini cooler for the beer.


It’s like the adult version of a Root Beer Float.

This apparently keeps beer cool for up to 30 minutes, which should be plenty of time to finish it before it gets to warm. Perhaps I will have to rethink my baseball game beer purchases.

Beware if you are planning to visit France! An unnamed French woman and her poodle (you can’t make that up) were severely mauled by feral cats in Belfort. This only reinforces my fears that my cats are trying to kill me.


They are always watching…

I’m wondering if this is what happens when they can’t haz cheezburger.

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