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Winning Science November 30, 2013

As someone is who is fairly new to Doctor Who (I just started season 5), I’ve come to appreciate the various technology that The Doctor encounters. Instead of being all streamlined and uniform like Star Trek, it’s cobbled together and from all kinds of different species. Now I’ve come to find out that some of this really cool tech may not be too far out of reach. I really want my own sonic screwdriver.


If my toaster oven starts yelling “Exterminate”, I’m done.

Chinese engineers have filed a patent for a flying car. Lift is provided by two large fans spinning in opposite directions for stability, similar to heavy life helicopters. Although it’s only a preliminary design, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for any people. One can only assume they’ll remember that someone has to drive the car, and of course flux capacitors.

back to the future

See, it shouldn’t be that hard. ¬†Christopher Lloyd did it.

Now that we’re getting flying cars, Mattel better get its shit together. I want my hover board!

Not only is this a great time to be alive, it’s also a great time to stay alive. Medical technology is advancing an amazing pace and is now beginning to address the area of degenerative neurological disorders. ¬†In nearly all of these diseases, neuron death is a primary concern but there are some potential breakthroughs using stem cells. While some aspects of stem cell research have garnered considerable controversy, there is no argument that they may lead to incredible breakthroughs. Turns out that inhaling stem cells may help slow the loss brain cells, which in turn may lessen the degeneration. This would be a significant improvement over current methods which are very invasive.


As of now, results are mixed, but the real key is that scientists keep trying to innovate and find the next big cure.

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