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Do What You Love

I don’t think I can ever stress enough the value of doing things you love. I consider myself a very lucky person given that I have a job that I love, which in turns allows me to do things outside of work that I also love. And while I do consider myself lucky, luck was not the only factor that has contributed to this. Anyone who thinks that much of this hasn’t been by design is kidding themselves.

Often times that design has meant doing things I didn’t want to do or didn’t enjoy, just because I knew they would get me where I wanted to be. It’s a positive version of “the ends justify the means.” I spent four and a half years in military school because it was one of a select few places that offered the degree I wanted, and I knew the school would give me a leg up when I was done. There were plenty of times I was absolutely miserable and was on the verge of giving up. I had to look deep down and determine if what I wanted in the end was worth what I was going though. I determined that it was, but if it wasn’t, I’d have walked away in a heartbeat. Continue reading

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