Therefore I Geek Podcast, Episode 79 Gene Wilder’s Passing And Hollywood


In which, the gang decides that they are just going to wing it.  We mourn the loss of Gene Wilder and Jon Polito, and then launch into a rousing discussion of whether or not Hollywood is doomed!!  In a stunning turn of events, Dude concedes a great point to Tracy–the reason?  Astounding!

Show Notes:

Gene Wilder Passes Away at Age 83

Jon Polito Passes Away at Age 65

The Big Sleep (book | movie)

Can Hollywood Recover from the Terrible Summer of 2016?

Box office revenues are up but ticket sales are down

The iMom

Netflix is Challenging Movie Theaters

Hail Caesar! (the Hollywood studio system)

Sam Harris on Free Will

Villains are becoming more ambiguous

MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles

The Ten-Cent Plague

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (book | show)

Con Man the game

Star Realms


Star Realms: Colony Wars

Star Trek: Attack Wing


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