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Andrew and I love reading other geek blogs as much as we like writing for Therefore I Geek, and we’ve got a lot of blogs we’re personally subscribed to.  Today, I would like to share a few of our favorites with you in no particular order, and perhaps add to your list of things to do instead of actually working.

“Luther M. Siler” (a pseudonym) from Infinite Free Time also writes for Sourcerer blog from time to time.  He’s a teacher and possesses the sarcastic, dry wit that I love (I’m so envious that he’s able to translate that to his blog, because I have struggled to do so in my own writing).  Whether he’s writing about data crunching on the blog, his favorite authors, or silly stories from the classroom, I often find myself chuckling out loud–which is rarer than it may seem from my podcast persona.

A Tolkienist’s Perspective continues to surprise me with depth and relevance, considering that Tolkien’s most famous works were published about six decades ago.  They discuss the themes, plot points, and other minutia from Tolkien’s books, new manuscripts as they are published (The Children of Huron and Tolkien’s translation of Beowulf most recently), as well as the entertainment, such as The Hobbit trilogy.

The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks is a great place to head to hear all about comics, comic book movies and TV, comic conventions, and more.  Of course, they definitely don’t limit themselves to comic book topics exclusively.  As of this post, the most recent two posts on the blog are about zombies and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Good stuff!!

Diana from Part Time Monster called her son “Little Jedi.”  What more can one ask from a geek mom and teacher?  Diana talks about a little of everything–film, social geek issues, and especially books.

iFanboy was a blog that discussed primarily comic books for years, with an attached podcast.  Now they have abandoned the blog platform, preferring to stick only with the podcast.  Still, this is a fantastic resource for comic book fans to keep up with books they don’t regularly read and to get recommendations for new books.

Pat Loika of Loikamania is a huge inspiration for many comic book fans.  He has an incredibly positive energy.  He genuinely loves comic books and comic creators, and this shows in all of his podcast episodes, especially when he interviews industry contributors.  I love this podcast and continue to be impressed week after week.

This is just a few of the blogs that Andrew and I read frequently, and hopefully this list will provide hours of fun reading.  Happy exploring!

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