Saturday Reviews: Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #2

Sensation Comics (DC)
Issue 4: Written by Jason Bischoff, Art by David Williams
Issues 5 & 6: Written by Ivan Cohen, Art by Marcus To

The return of Sensation Comics as DC’s newest “digital first” weekly comic is an absolute treat. Issue two of the print version collects issues four through six of the digital series, giving us two short Wonder Woman stories, are definitely worth reading.

Printed slightly out of order, the book starts with issues five and six, which comprise a two part story by Ivan Cohen. After a news show interview in which Diana is confronted about her faith in the gods, Wonder Woman begins to find her powers are being slowly stripped away from her, apparently for her lack of faith. The story was a nice exploration of Wonder Woman’s powers, as well as the mythology behind the character. In the end, a lack of knowledge regarding Wonder Woman’s powers leads to the story’s conclusion. It’s a well thought out and executed story. Marcus To does a respectable job on art, providing a believable look for Wonder Woman that fits with the story. The action sequences felt a bit too open, leaving much more to the imagination than I would have liked, especially given how physical of a fighter Wonder Woman can be.


I found issue four to be even better than the others in this book. It tells the story of Wonder Woman as a child/young adult trying to challenge her mother to earn her second bracer. I loved the idea that Diana had been challenging Hippolyta almost from the moment she got the first bracer and that her mother loved her for it. I also found it amusing that her plans we often foiled in amusing ways, like a bird pooping on her. Jason Bischoff manages to give us a nice coming of age story in ten pages, and from the mother’s perspective, which is a unique take on that kind of story. I wasn’t always sold on David William’s art, especially when it came to young Diana. At times she has a very blocky face, which doesn’t really fit her look when she gets older. During the final fight sequence, Hippolyta, who had looked very regal and feminine until this point, took on a very manly quality that was a little disconcerting. I did feel that Williams did a good job at conveying the energy and aggression of the action sequences.

While I am a Wonder Woman novice, I fully intend to keep reading this series, and probably in its original, weekly digital first format. 4/5 Death Stars.

4 Death Stars

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