Saturday Review: Sinestro #4


If I’m being completely honest, Blackest Night was the last truly enjoyable Green Lantern storyline.  Until recently I was only picking up two of the five Lantern titles that were being published and my reading of those two was fairly sporadic. Sinestro however is starting to turn change my mind.

Issue four was released this week and I’m enjoying this series more and more as it progresses. I’ve still got some hesitations, but if the quality I’m seeing continues, I will soon be saying goodbye to them.  This book is reminiscent of “The Sinestro Corps Wars” story that was so amazing. Every page is not flooded with Lanterns of every color, instead colors are limited yellow and a little green, in the form of Sinestro’s daughter Soranik and the occasional Hal Jordan appearance. Looking back across the last four issues, what makes this book stand out is the fact that it reached back to a time before all the emotional spectrum madness when the book was more about the back and forth between Hal and Sinestro. Obviously a lot has happened since then to change the characters, but the core relationship is still there. I’ve also started to feel as though Sinestro is a Magneto-esque figure. He has been moved from hero to villain several times, and, much like the relationship between Xavier and Magneto, Sinestro and Hal share a similar philosophy.  Of course, Sinestro and Magneto have taken it to the extreme and are willing to cross lines that Hal and Charles aren’t. The end goal is the same, it’s the means by which that goal is achieved that differs. At the end of the book, Sinestro even refers to Jordan as his greatest enemy and his truest friend, which is probably the most apt description of their relationship I’ve seen. It’s a testament to the quality of Cullen Bunn’s writing that he understands the characters this well.

Old School and more Modern "ring slinging".

Old School and more Modern “ring slinging”.

Rags Morales has art duty on this book, and he really knows what a Lantern book should look like. Morales makes good use of both the old school “ring slinging” style of fighting as well as more interactive and modern looking use of Lantern powers. I particularly enjoyed the art when Sinestro was forced to live out various hallucinations in an effort to purge him of emotion, because there were points where I was convinced he had made it out, only for the next panel to make it clear that he was still trapped inside his own mind.  The art complements the writing to the point that it makes the story that much more immersive.  I’m even enjoyed the colors a lot. There is a tendency among comic book illustrators to go darker when dealing with more villainous characters, but I really feel in a Lantern book, in which color is a central theme, it is necessary to maintain a certain degree of brightness, otherwise some emotional elements can be lost.

While Sinestro has not completely turned me around on Lantern books, if any book is going to do it, this will be the one. 4.5/5 Death Stars.

4.5 Death Stars

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