Editorial | I Want to Be Hank McCoy, A Poem

I was talking to the fearless leader of Therefore I Geek a couple of weeks ago about what my major was here at school, and what I want to do when I grow up.  As I described my ambitions to him, we both started to realize that they sounded very familiar.  In fact, I just want to be Hank McCoy.  Who wouldn’t??  He’s brilliant and powerful.  He has connections to heads of state, and the kinds of people who can kill you with their minds.  So here is my ode to the sweet and sexy Beast—I just want to be him!!

I want a full scholarship to a private university with all the research grants I could possibly desire and a limitless opportunity for travel due to my unrestricted access to a private jet.

Come to think of it… I want to be Hank McCoy.

I dream of opportunities to rescue humanity from itself, although I realize that it would take superhuman talent and power to actualize my savior complex.

So in other words… I want to be Hank McCoy.

I want the brains of an old world, Ivy League educated sphinx, and the physical power of an NFL linebacker in the prime of his youth.

Yup… I want to be Hank McCoy

I want to have a working understanding of many fields—to be the epitome of a Renaissance (wo)man.  I want appropriate literary quotes to roll off my tongue with ease.

Oh wait… I want to be Hank McCoy.

I speak Spanish, and some German and French.  I’m hoping to learn several other modern languages so that I can easily communicate with foreign dignitaries.

He did that too?!  I want to be Hank McCoy.

Someday I want to have easy access to the White House as I work to smooth things over between nations at odds with each other.  I want to practice diplomacy at home and abroad.

So… I just want to be Hank McCoy.

fera-e-o-presidente-kelsey_grammerIt’s really quite simple:  if that’s what it takes to get the brains and the sexy, leather suit, I’ll take the blue fur and the frequent changes in physique.

You got it!  I want to be Hank McCoy.

And maybe, if I do a good job at all of these things, they will make a movie about events in my life.  (Although, being Hollywood, they’ll probably change half of it.)

Haha!  I want to be Hank McCoy.


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