Around the Web August 2, 2013

There are casual Star Trek fans, there are Trekkies, and then there are these folks. I always wanted to see Shakespeare in the Park when I lived in New York, but this sounds like a great backup option.


And they chose to end their careers with the best Original Series episode ever. Well played.

Anyone who has studied pre-WWII history knows that for a long time prior to the invasion of Poland, many people in America were supporters of Hitler and the Nazi party. This week The Hollywood Reporter published an article describing the extreme measures that Hollywood took to keep Nazi Germany happy, all the way up through 1940. Although hindsight is 20/20, it is still disturbing that so many people were still so eager to work with the Nazis, even that late in history.

all quiet

It also saddens me to know that the classic film All Quiet on the Western Front was the catalyst for all of this.

The controversial app Bang with Friends has run into a new problem that has nothing to do with awkward silences. Bang with Friends is being sued by Zynga for copyright infringment, over the use of the phrase “with friends”. Turns out you can copyright just about everything, which is exactly what Zynga has done and from the looks of it Zynga has a pretty strong case.


And by the way, the founders of Bang with Friends are completely clueless about the whole thing. Not the best way to run a business.

Netflix has introduced a new feature to allow multiple profiles on one account. This feature makes it possible for 5 different people to have unique profiles on the same account. Initially, profiles will be supported on Apple devices, Xbox, Playstation, and select smart TV models with other platforms to follow over the next several months.


I am a huge fan of this option. Now my roommate’s viewing choices won’t generate weird recommendations on my account. Instead, the weird recommendations will be based on my own viewing history, as it should be.

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