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Tracy Discusses Depression

Like Andrew and Becky, I too have faced the struggles of depression.  My depression is cyclical, and is very contingent on the season.  Every fall I start noticing that I’m finding it harder and harder to get up in the morning.  As soon as work ends, I drive straight home and spend the next few hours on the couch watching Netflix, or reading (usually the former, because it takes less work).  The deeper it gets into winter, the less likely it is that I get out of the house and do anything I’m not required to do.  I even find myself taking more vacation time–not to do anything fun, but just to not have to get out of bed in the morning. Continue reading


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Adventures in GMing

Not that long ago I allowed myself to be talked into doing something I had never done before. In fairness it didn’t really take all that much convincing. Mostly a lighthearted conversation and a little bit of gentle flattery and I was hooked. It was something I’d been looking into for a while, and everything just fell into place. I am referring of course to my first attempts as a Game Master.


Roll Initiative!

As I just mentioned, being part of a roleplaying group was something that I had been interesting in for quite some time. It just seems like the next logical step, to jump into one of my fandoms and be a part of the story instead of a passive observer. I had initially planned to be just a participant and not actually the one running the game, but as I have frequently learned, things rarely go according to plan. This is also not the first time I’ve attempted to get a gaming group going. Unfortunately, previous attempts were foiled by massive scheduling issues across the board. Continue reading


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Editorial | Do the Old Movies Hold Up?

Well? Do they?  This morning I read this fantastic article from the AV Club  discussion how well Willow, Ron Howard’s 27 year old brainchild, withstands the test of time.  The author discusses the deep impact the movie had on him as a child, and how many years later, he has recently dug out a copy of the movie and watched it, finding the imagery, while dated, to be as fantastical, macabre, and imaginative as he did as a child, if slightly less engrossing–different from other movies of the same time frame, which have aged more poorly. Continue reading

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Guest Blog | Becky Discusses Depression

Most people that know me are unaware that I suffer from depression.  I just started an incredible new job, I’m engaged to the love of my life, and things couldn’t be better, and yet I still use “suffer” in the present tense.

To me depression is like an addiction.  While I’ve never dealt with any substance abuse, I’ve read statements from people who have and they all seem to indicate that you don’t truly get over an addiction, you just learn to cope with it, and that’s exactly what depression is like.  I’m addicted to negative thoughts and everyday I have to resist them. Continue reading


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