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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 67, Phoenix Comicon 2016

phoenix-comicon_0372aa37-5056-b3a8-49b1ff5a592f6baaIn which, Andrew celebrates his bachelor party in true geeky fashion at Phoenix Comicon 2016 with the Dude.  They discuss the growth of the convention in the past few years, unusual panels, awesome guests that they bumped into (including an unknown relative of Dude’s SO, and some cool board games that the guys got to play.  Mitch Gerads, the artist of Sheriff of Babylon, makes a surprise guest appearance introducing the show.

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Editorial | My First Geek Convention

I’m smack in the middle of midterm week, which means super late nights and super early mornings.  Fortunately, this eighth level of hell (which Dante knew not of) will be interrupted by my very first geek convention!

I’ve been dreaming of my first convention since I was in middle school.  My ultimate dream adventure was (and still is) RingCon in Germany.  However, I was willing to settle for any gathering of geeks.  (RingCon is next week, by the way.  I am sooo jealous of any of our readers who is going!)

I’ve also been extremely interested in cosplay—of course, when I first looked at it, it was just called “dressing up.”

Now, for the first time, my dream is about to come true.  I’m actually headed to New York Comic Con!!  I’ve done my research, bought my day passes for Saturday and Sunday, and listened to many, many of Andrew’s crazy stories (he hasn’t even shared the half of them with y’all so far).

So as I head into this weekend, on the few moments that I’m able to look up from my computer screen, I’m excited about quite a few things:

I’m actually really pumped for the trip up to comic con.  For the past few years, I’ve driven to every place I’ve visited (often between 12-19 hours each way) and it is always exhausting.  By the time I get to the fun part, I’m too tired to enjoy it.  Instead, this time I am taking the train, so I will have time to relax and enjoy myself.

And somehow, this episode of Big Bang Theory is all I can think about…

I’m really stoked to hopefully meet (a few) of the entertainment guests.  Felicia Day, Kevin Smith, Patrick Stewart (<3 him so much!!), Seth Green, Judy Greer (please, please, please, let this one happen…  I will be so excited), Kevin Grevioux (We’re both Minnesota Vikings fans—and I love that we have multiple things in common.  Geeks should be well rounded, in my opinion), and Hulk Hogan!!  [Ok, I was JUST kidding about the last one.]  I was really looking forward to seeing James Cosmo, from Game of Thrones as well, as I do love Commander Mormont, but he unfortunately cancelled his appearance.

The comic guests who will be present are fantastic!!  David Finch, Max Brooks and OF COURSE Stan Lee will all be signing autographs.  Of course, I will be lucky to get to see one of these guys up close and personal, but a girl can dream!  Andrew has told me that Max Brooks is an especially cool dude, so it would be nice to get a chance to talk to him.  I also wouldn’t be upset if I got to meet David Lloyd, from V for Vendetta.

I’m a big fan of Gillykins’ cosplay. I know she’ll be at Con, and I would love to meet her.

I will be skipping the Ya-ya Han “celebrity cosplayer” autograph session. Honestly, if I didn’t already love cosplaying so very much before I first saw Heroes of Cosplay, the show would have really turned me off!  Geeks are often mocked and looked down on by outsiders because of what they look like or what they love—there is no need to do the same to each other /endrant.

Avatar Press has a panel on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. to talk about the news and big new projects.  Panelists are Caanan White, Kieron Gillen, Simon Spurrier, William Christensen, and Max Brooks.  This one is definitely on my hot list!

On Sunday I’m really looking forward to getting some discount geek gear as well.  Thank goodness I have a “Convention Guide” of my very own to show me where the best stuff is!

So yeah, I’m giddy and excited and almost dizzy with excitement for Comic Con in just a few days.  I know there is no way that I will be able to see all the things I want to see, but it’s awesome to at least try to plan for them!  Are you going to Comic Con?  If not, is there a panel or person you would like to see if you did?  Let us know in the comments!

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Stories from Comic Cons Past: Part 2

We are yet another week closer to NYCC, and with that, the chance for more comic con stories to happen and memories to be made. For whatever reason, my visits to comic conventions always seem to come with some unexpected adventures. Today, I thought I’d treat you to another story from my adventures at a Big Apple Con past.

As anyone who has been to a convention can attest to, being crammed in like sardines and attempting to squeeze through a press of humanity for hours on end can be hunger inducing work. Thankfully, right down the street from the Hotel Pennsylvania are several establishments which offer what the FDA legally classifies as food. On this particular occasion Dave, Cory and I decide to partake of McDonalds, mostly because it was the first thing we saw and had the quickest moving lines. This McDonalds was laid out like many NYC fast food restaurants with the serving counter and a small seating area downstairs and the main eating area upstairs. Since there was a convention going on across the street, the downstairs seating was all taken up and we were forced to find a place upstairs to devour our Big Macs.

Because this is what I think of when I think food.

Because this is what I think of when I think food.

Toward the end of our meal, we were disturbed by a man wandering around, and placing a small, business card sized slip of paper on our table. We were pretty involved in conversation and didn’t really pay attention to what was going on.The slip of paper showed several basic American Sign Language (ASL) signs and a short explanation that the man handing out the cards was deaf and homeless and that he was asking for a dollar for the card. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in New York City (A layover at Kennedy or La Guardia doesn’t count!) is well aware of the considerable number of people in the city who ask for money. I have little doubt that most of them need the money, but very shortly we were forced to doubt whether this particular man actually did.

As we wrapped up our meal, Dave cleaned up our table and threw out most of our trash, including the ASL card. After Dave returned, we resumed our conversation, not paying any attention to the card that had just been thrown away, when the deaf man returned to our table looking to either retrieve his card or the requested money. He was rather surprised to find neither and began to tap on our table, as we were still talking. He kept tapping, and we kept talking. After about thirty seconds of this, the man started pointing to the card then tapping on the table and we finally figured out what he was looking for.

Since none of us realized that the card had been thrown out, we didn’t know what was going on, so Dave looked at the guy and just shrugged and went back to talking. Becoming rather annoyed, the deaf guy put down another card and walked away for a moment. Upon returning and seeing the card still sitting there, with no money, our deaf friend finally went off. He started pounding on the table and screaming at us in a completely unintelligible manner. At this point Dave and I quickly grabbed our backpacks and headed for the stairs that lead directly to the street. Having been at comic con however, Cory had amassed a considerable amount of stuff during the day and was unable to get moving quite as fast as Dave and I. Because of this, Cory was subjected to continued verbal abuse by an increasingly angry deaf guy.

Dave and I reached the street and turned around and see Cory come running down the stairs, arms around his head in a protective manner (how much does that really do anyways?), being pelted by a large number of coins. Turns out that we had pissed off deaf guy so badly that he actually chucked a handful of change at Cory in anger. A homeless deaf man who was BEGGING for money threw a handful of change (and we’re not just talking pennies here) at a guy he was pissed off at. I hope we’re not the only ones who start scratching our heads about this point. As we were walking away, all Cory had to say was “the nerve of some people”.

In the end we just walked back to the Hotel Pennsylvania and continued on enjoying our afternoon of comics, art, and other geek pursuits. Since this was early in our careers as convention goers, it made much more of an impression. Now that we are veterans though, you’d be suprised at the weird stuff that just doesn’t phase us any more. I’m looking forward to seeing who and what can push the bar forward this year at NYCC.

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