Therefore I Geek Podcast, Episode 86 What is Canon (and Does it Matter)?

In which, Andrew and Tracy welcome Dude back to Therefore I Geek to discuss canon–who decides what canon is, whether canon can change, and in the end, whether canon even matters.  We also cover the most recent trailers that dropped last week, and the unfortunate passing of Steve Dillon.

Show Notes:

Logan trailer

Patrick Stewart was born to play Professor X

Star Wars: Rogue One trailer

Dude prefers the Star Wars universe to the movies

Battlefront: Twilight Company (Star Wars)

James Gunn releases Guardians of the Galaxy teaser

Power Rangers trailer

Nintendo Switch

Steve Dillon Dead at 54

Garth Ennis remembers Steve Dillon

Dude reviews Preacher

Max Landis pitches a Superman story

JK Rowling wishing Harry had married Hermione

JK Rowling says that she always believed Dumbledore was gay

Easter eggs in the Logan trailer

The story of Beren and Luthien is being published as a standalone



Hell or High Water

Don’t Breathe

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

The Road to Wigan Pier

The Man in the High Castle

The Enchantress of Florence


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