Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 60, Tracy Talks Lord of the Rings


In her first solo episode, Tracy reflects on a lifetime of Tolkien addiction, her annual tradition of rewatching Peter Jackson’s homage, The Lord of the Rings, and the differences–both good and bad–between the books and the movies.

Show Notes:

The Lord of the Rings movies (FoTR | TTT | RoTK)

The Lord of the Rings

A Tolkienist’s Perspective blog

Sourcerer Blog’s first LOTR post

Tolkien vs. Jackson

Exhaustive list of books vs movie differences (highly recommend for all things Tolkien)

A Dictionary of Tolkien

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One response to “Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 60, Tracy Talks Lord of the Rings

  1. I just discovered this podcast by finding this episode! I enjoyed Tracy’s breakdown and comparison, especially the insight about Frodo’s journey as a tale of growing up (and I agree about him sending Sam away in the film … not a great moment).

    Tracy, if you decide to start The Silmarillion one more time and you’d like to listen to some chapter-by-chapter analysis from a couple of Tolkien geeks, look me up! I’m co-host of the Prancing Pony Podcast ( and we’re going through the Middle-earth legendarium, starting from The Silmarillion and … well, the beginning of the universe. 🙂

    Glad to find you guys!

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