Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 59, Star Wars and Sundry

Walk Around in Circles is an appropriate track for this week’s episode, in which, Andrew and Dude discuss Star Wars.  With the new Rogue One trailer dropping last week and the blue ray of The Force Awakens available now, that’s the topic on everyone’s mind.  They also discuss the expanded universe and what is canon and what is no longer canon, trekking down a side path to discuss favorite expanded universe media and characters.  A brief foray into other cool movie topics, including Eddie the Eagle, and how the Coen brothers depict dopey Communism in Hail, Caesar.  After Star Wars has been thoroughly discussed, the pair venture into new movies, comics and role playing games that they are excited about.

Show Notes:

Rogue One trailer

Star Wars: I love the Universe, I don’t like the Movies

Shadows of the Empire (game)

Dark Forces 1

Dark Empire comic

Crimson Empire comic (one | two | three)

Mon Mothma comparison

How Star Wars revolutionized merchandising


Eddie the Eagle

Potential Han Solos

Marvel’s Civil War #2

World War Hulk

The Jungle Book

Green Room – Patrick Stewart is a bad guy

Jodorowsky’s Dune

Heavy Metal


Mouseguard RPG

Pope Hat “That Time I Accidentally Played D&D with White Nationalists”

Total War: Napoleon


Betrayal on House on Haunted Hill

Rat Queens

Peter Panzerfaust


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