Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 56, Star Trek Series Finales

In which, Andrew and Dude (who has finally learned his name) nerd out hardcore discussing all the Star Trek series finales.  They discuss the Next Generation team of the future, agreeing that “old Picard” is the best part of the DS9 finale; Andrew delves into his own distant past for relevant stories.  They take a brief detour into a conversation about Gene Roddenberry’s vision for Star Trek.  The ultimate takeaway from this episode is that Romulans always suck.

Show Notes:

Star Trek: All Good Things

Next Generation Finale interview with Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga

Deep Space Nine: What You Leave Behind

Gene Roddenberry’s Vision

The Politics of Star Trek (podcast)

Sisko Vs. Dukat: An Exploration of Dramatic Foils in Star Trek

Voyager: Endgame (1 & 2)

Enterprise: These are the Voyages…

Star Trek 2017

More info on Star Trek 2017

Worf Gets Denied

Alexander the Great by Philip Freeman

The Princess of Mars

Rat Queens

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