Editorial | Introducing Andrew, the Invisible Man

One of the most amusing phenomena that Andrew and I have seen since we started Therefore I Geek is that he seems to be the Invisible Man on the blog.  I often hear from readers about how much they enjoyed one of my articles, and then reference something that Andrew wrote.  So today, I would like to introduce everyone to my friend Andrew, the power behind Therefore I Geek (well, most of the power).

10414842_10101821275281781_5478974530453184889_nOn the first anniversary of the blog, we did a podcast on origin stories and talked about the Therefore I Geek origin story in the discussion.  Andrew is one of the funniest people I know.  His dry humor and ability to tell stories–fictional or otherwise–is fantastic, and I encouraged him to tell his stories to a larger audience.  After a couple of weeks of consideration (which I didn’t realize was going on) he popped the most important question I have ever been asked, “Will you be my editor?” I sobbed and screamed, and of course said yes.

Since then, Andrew has done the bulk of the writing for the blog–especially the first two years.  My favorite articles to read are the ones about comics history, since his mind is like a steel trap for details (and before I started editing for the blog, I knew next to nothing about the history behind comics), or about the technical side of comic creation, some of which we’ve both learned about from writing on the subject.

255749_522524311715_7702431_nWhat I most appreciate about Andrew is that he is absolutely willing to put as much effort into the blog as I am.  We are equal partners in work, and when one of us falls a little short, the other picks up the slack.  Especially in the last two years as I have been wrapping up my degree at William & Mary and have been super flakey during finals (every single semester…) he has made sure that his articles get to me sometimes weeks in advance, so that the robots of WordPress can take over and give me time to write papers until 4:30 am.

So that’s Andrew, the main writer for the blog, and hopefully no longer the Invisible Man!  Feel free to shoot him (or me) an email through our contact page, and keep reading his awesome articles!

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