Around the Web April 17, 2015

All the biggest geek news this week seems to be about upcoming movie trailers.  First on the list was the new teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was released online yesterday and was pretty much the only thing anyone talked about for several hours.  As with many such things in this era of YouTube, a rash of reaction videos very quickly emerged, but none were quite so good as this mashup of the trailer juxtaposed with a scene from Interstellar in which Matthew McConaughey cries–now appearing as though the tears were in reaction to the trailer.

Can’t say that I blame him, honestly.  It’s a sweet trailer.

While technically this should probably going in an installment of Winning Science, Kyle Hill, an engineer who writes and creates videos for Nerdist, explains why Tony Stark doesn’t get a major concussion every time he makes a sharp turn in the Iron Man suit.  I mean, other than the fact that he’s a super hero in a comic book, obviously.  Mostly, he attributes Iron Man’s continued existence fighting super villains rather than hooked up to life support to possible inertial damping systems, such as a non-compressible liquid.  The entire video is only about three minutes long, and definitely worth watching.

kyle_hillTo be honest, a dude that is that attractive can probably tell me that Iron Man doesn’t get concussions because of stem cell research from mutated dinosaur eggs discovered in North Korea and I may be inclined to take him seriously.

Speaking of trailers, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie trailer leaked online way before Warner Brothers had intended to release it.  Shaky bootleg footage with subtitles in Portuguese made its way around the internet for a little over half a day before Warner Brothers caved and did what other studios with leaked trailers have done recently:  released the official trailer.  If the trailer is anything to go by, this will be a deliciously dark and gritty piece of cinema!

I first saw the leaked trailer on this hilarious URL.


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