Around the Web March 20, 2015

This week the new comic solicitations came out, much as they do every month. This month however, they came with considerable controversy. Among the many titles in Marvel’s line up is X-Men ’92 written by Comics Alliance’s Chris Sims. This announcement touched off a very quick and unexpected downward spiral in conversation on the internet. Things started with an impressive Twitter rant by comic writer Valerie D’Orazio. Going back about ten years ago, Sims was part of a very vocal group that significantly harassed D’Orazio over one of the comics she was currently writing. Sims’ comments in particular went beyond just commentary on the book and often became personal attacks. In response to this coming back into the spotlight both Sims and Comics Alliance have issued statements in which Sims apologized for his previous actions, though well after the fact.


This serves as a potent example for why people should be both careful and civil in what they say and do online.

In movie news, Morena Baccarin has just joined the cast of Deadpool. Baccarin will be playing Copycat, a shapeshifting mutant and love interest for Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds. While this is nowhere near the top of my “must see” list, and I’m not a huge fan of Baccarin (I’m now going to be killed by angry Firefly fans), I am definitely going to see this movie. I was actually quite amused by Reynolds previous portrayal of The Merc with a Mouth, however short it was. I will do my best to go into the movie with an open mind.


What amused me more was Rob Liefeld trying to butt his way in via Twitter. Please go away Rob.

Geek arts and crafts are some of the coolest opportunities to take fan obsession into the real world. Not only are geeks so dedicated to our fandoms that we must endeavor to make everything we own somehow represent them, but some fans are also creative enough to make them really badass! With this in mind I present:  geek themed outdoor stoves. They are made from used (and empty) propane tanks and scraps of metal. Not only do they look amazing, but they are also eco-friendly than most wood burning stoves because they’re made out of recycled material. The site provides bare bones directions on how to make your own, plus a link to more involved directions.


My personal favorite is the Darth Vader.

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