Around the Web March 6, 2015

After last week’s emotional news that Leonard Nimoy had passed away, the geek community had a close call this week when Harrison Ford crashed his plane into a Los Angeles golf course. The engine on Ford’s plane failed shortly after takeoff and he requested to return to the airport for an emergency landing. According to a tweet by Ford’s son, the actor was not seriously injured, just battered. Ford was taken to the hospital to treat his injuries. I’m sure Disney was relieved, since they are just getting started on a new Star Wars trilogy and he’s already been hurt once during this production. Can we please just keep him in a nice safe place until the movies are all done?

harrison ford

If we had lost Spock and Han Solo in the same week, I’d be catatonic for like 6 months. Not even joking.

Jean Giraud, more often known by the pseudonym “Moebius,” is one of the all time great comic artists, up there with the likes of Jack Kirby, Neal Adams and Jim Steranko. Known mostly for his work on European comics, he was lauded for both his speed and the amazing imagination he brought to his art. Back in the mid 90’s, Moebius gave an interview to a Mexican paper where he lays out eighteen points that he feels are important to artists. This is definitely a must read for any one out there interested in art. In my opinion this is in a tie with Wally Wood’s “22 panels that always work” for the top advice a comic artist needs to see.

Wonderful Moebius art

Wonderful Moebius art

Honestly, I think there is some great stuff in those points for anyone who is involved in creative work. I’m going to be thinking about this as I work on future projects.

While we are on the subject of advice, there is a supremely impressive ninety one year old lady offering us younger folks a few words of wisdom. Barbara Beskind is an inventor and only in the last few years has she joined the prestigious Silicon Valley company IDEO, best known for inventing the computer mouse. Beskind focuses her time on inventing new products for older consumers, most of which she tries out at the retirement community she lives in. The advice that Beskind offers is pretty solid, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the life experience she has been able to collect over the years. While one or two of them might seem difficult to implement in a modern life, I’m certain that she’s right on the money.

Barbara at work.

Barbara at work.

I just hope I can be as active, productive, and generally useful as Barbara is when I’m ninety-one.

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