Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 23, Mikey Mason Live at Marscon

mikey_mason_promoUpon the 17th day of January in the Year of Our Lord 2015, Andrew availed himself of his gallant, mechanical steed of Japanese engineering and hied him to Marscon of legend.  Quoth he, “I shall take upon myself to speak to comedy rock star Mikey Mason.”  Tracy was sick.

In this podcast episode, Mikey reveals his RPG player voice, takes on the persona of “Pedantic Man,” and gives a fantastic feminist rant about strip clubs (it’s not what you’re thinking!).  Yeah… that’s just a teensy bit of the hilarity that ensues.  Trust me.

Mikey Mason – Bandcamp / Facebook / YouTube / Twitter (@comedyrockgeek) / website

Me and Alan Moore’s Beard (audio)



Lar DeSouza

Wade Cutrell

Summer of ’83 (video)

She Don’t Like Firefly (audio/digital download) (video)

Best Game Ever (audio/digital download) (video)


“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.” (video)

The Fickle Peach

Alabama version of She Don’t Like Firefly on bandcamp (available with purchase of digital album)

West Virginia pyramid rest stop

Can’t Stop the Serenity event

Fear the Boot podcast

Castles and Crusades RPG

Malcolm Gladwell Ted Talk about spaghetti sauce

Star Wars, Wizards of the Coast RPG

Anal Monkey Fisting

“Convention Story Podcast” with Joseph De Paul

Helen Mirren is hot (NSFW)

Ernest Hemingway’s writing method

Mikey Mason burger:mikey_mason_burger

Beer Powered Time Machine

Tidewater Browncoats

Browncoats of Summer (audio)

Mikey’s birthday cake (as shared on ThinkGeek)

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