Dragon’s Loyalty Award


We were very excited to be nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Gene at The Sourcerer, and since it’s the first time we’ve had any acceptance into the blogging community, it has taken me a little while to calm down and compose my thoughts.  This time around I’ll post some facts about myself and maybe next time I’ll let Tracy have all the fun share my misery. 😉

  1. I spent four and half years at a military college and then have worked for the Navy for the last six.
  2. I have a bad habit of collecting stuff.  I use to collect card games and have sixteen 800 count, full card boxes still sitting in a dresser drawer. Now I collect comics, and they don’t fit in a dresser drawer.


    So many cards…

  3. My sister and I look so little alike that when she lived with me for six months people thought we were dating. However, once they spend some time around us, most people discover that we have very similar mannerisms and even use the same turns of phrases.
  4. I tend to name my pets after characters from things I like. My cats are Spider (Transmetropolitan) and Kaylee (Firefly).  In high school I had a cat named Mara (from the Star Wars expanded universe).
  5. I once blew off Geraldo Rivera. He was with his nephew on a tour of my college while I was pulling onto campus. I honked my horn and waved to a friend who was standing behind him and Geraldo got excited because he thought I recognized him. With a couple of quick hand gestures I made it clear I was trying to get the attention of someone else. He looked very disappointed. I didn’t find out who he was until about an hour later.
  6. I’ve played four instruments in my life:  piano, alto sax, tuba and guitar. I’ve never been great at any of them, but I was best at tuba and would pick it back up if they weren’t so damned expensive.
  7. For years friends of mine have been threatening to record my rantings and post them on the internet. I started the blog after a similar conversation with Tracy got me thinking on the long drive down to southern Georgia. The blog kept me sane for the two months I was in Georgia for work.

I don’t really have a great method for picking other blog nominees, aside from the fact that these are ones that I have found interesting, inspiring, or are written by people I’d like to get to know better.

  1. The Thousand Lives
  2. The Verbal Spew Review
  3. The Geeky Hooker
  4. Comparative Geeks
  5. A Guide to Geekdom
  6. The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks
  7. Bag & Bored


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5 responses to “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Oh this is so cool. I found this in our Facebook fan page feed instead of through the link. And just so you know, this was the first Award Part Time Monster received and she nominated Sourcerer. It made us feel more accepted, too. That’s why I nominated you. I saw you posting good stuff and thought you might like it. I remember a lot of firsts. The only thing better than our first award was our first comment from a person we didn’t know, and you just nominated their blog for this award. Fabulous.

  2. V

    Amazing! Thank you so much for the nomination, I’m delighted. 😀

  3. Reblogged this on Sourcerer and commented:
    Therefore I Geek: When I nominated you for this award back in December, I was the sole contributor to Sourcerer. I was mostly blogging videos here and doing my real at Part Time Monster to try and keep both blogs posting every day. I nominated you because I wanted to include some geeks. I had no idea how people felt about these awards, this being my first, and you seemed nice. I wanted to give it so some good blogs that weren’t getting enough attention in the hope that a friend or two would give them a look. I am reblogging it because I approve of your nominations. You chose well, and apparently, so did I 🙂

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