Around the Web January 10, 2014

Throughout this week I am sure you have all been bombarded with new and interesting tech updates coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show. With all of the shiny new 4K TVs you might have missed the fact that 3D TVs are becoming a dying breed. When Vizio (who sells the most TVs in the US…who knew?) announced their new model lineup for 2014 there were no 3D TVs to be seen. Now you may say to yourself “It’s only one manufacturer, who cares?” but this is a big deal. With the largest US seller getting out of the 3D business, it’s only a matter of time before the higher end brands start to bail as well. It also doesn’t help that the few content providers who created 3D entertainment (ESPN chief among them) are abandoning the format.

I've always felt this looked more than a little stupid too.

I’ve always felt this looked more than a little stupid.

I’m personally glad to see this fad go. I’ve never been a particular fan of 3D since it requires me to wear a pair of glasses over my glasses, and I was dreading the thought that all entertainment would be headed that direction.

If you are anything like us, you’ve been salivating over the wait for season three of Sherlock. The bad news is that the season will come to an end once again, after its usual three episodes.  The good news is that seasons four AND five have already been plotted out. That’s right folks, we are definitely getting two more seasons of this fantastic show. Not only that, but the creators are claiming that these seasons will be some of their best work, full of exciting twists and turns. If you are in the UK, tune in Sunday for the season finale and then let the waiting begin. If you’re in the US, just… keep waiting.

If I promise to be very, very good can we have more? Please?

If I promise to be very, very good can we have more? Please?

If there is any rhyme or reason in determining the length of a British TV show, it has eluded me thus far.

Thanks to our wonderful Editor, I’ve got an awesome site to share with you all. Whether you’re a poor college student, hard working professional, or just thrifty, Sh*t You Can Afford is the site for you. The site provides a nice mix of useful and novel items, all available on Amazon for around $20. I’ve already started my random crap want list.

Think of all the random crap you can get with just one bill.

Think of all the random crap you can get with just one bill.

Maybe if I were the proud owner of  that portable door lock I could have prevented a couple of embarrassing moments involving bathrooms in Manhattan.

Finally we’d like to share with you the experiences of one of our fellow bloggers. It’s no secret that we are in love with books and that a great customer service experience makes any retail transaction, online or in person, that much better.  Our fellow bloggers The Leather Library share their pretty awesome experience with The Folio Society. Without having purchased anything, I’m already a fan.

Sooooo pretty...

Sooooo pretty…

For those of you in the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas, come join us for MarsCon in Williamsburg next weekend. Despite living in the area for six years, this will be my first MarsCon (my timing has been off the last couple years).  I’ve heard great things and I’m really looking forward to it.

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