New York Comic Con: Day 3

Day 3 has come and gone and only the strong are left standing. Personally, I am laying down.

These people are not the strong...

These people are not the strong…

Today was Tracy’s first day of NYCC and Saturday is always a busy day–perhaps not the best day on which to start. We spent most of our time wandering around the convention floor looking at various different booths and taking pictures of all the different cosplayers. We also managed to score ourselves a couple of free autographed books from publisher booths (ask Tracy about the line Nazi). In general things went very well today

There was one thing that I must admit to being disappointed and frustrated about. We missed the chance for an autograph with Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson. His signing started at 4:00 pm, but his line was cut off at around 3 o’clock because of how massive it had gotten. I totally understand this, since Dr. Tyson is the current rock star scientist. The man is a great speaker and fantastic advocate for science.

What got to me was the complete failure of communications on the part of the NYCC staff and crew. When we first arrived we were told that the line was closed and we were disappointed, but stuck around because we were waiting for some friends to show up. Shortly after our friends arrived we were told by a NYCC Crew member (volunteer) that the line was reopened and we promptly jumped on the line. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t go for it?  After an HOUR of waiting on line we were rather rudely told by a NYCC staff member that we would not make it and that the line had been closed for two hours and that we needed to get off the line. She then bounced away to go yell at more people to get off line–frustrating my friends and me.  Needless to say, the crew member had been wrong to reopen the line and we were unable to get our autographs.

Autograph or not, this guy is still pretty awesome.

We of course had to make a stop by the Atomic Robo booth in Artist’s Alley and share with them our recently found love of their book.  At my first mention of the old Big Apple Con there was a visible, visceral reaction from both artist and writer. I had to laugh a little bit because, while it was nice to look back and remember those good old days when I didn’t know any better, I do know better now and those were rough conventions. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has that reaction.

After some more walking around we went off to a panel about breaking into comics with editors from BOOM! Studios, Avatar, Oni, and Dark Horse. The panel quickly turned into a Q&A session, which in most panels includes good and bad questions. While the good questions were few and far between here, I was very impressed with the stream of constantly good answers the panel of editors provided. Even for the bad questions, the panel had good advice and information.

And of course to top off the day, I got a picture taken with the wonderful Chase Masterson. I am a very happy man.


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