Around the Web August 30, 2013

With Marvel announcing that James Spader will be playing Ultron in 2015’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, we at Therefore I Geek felt it fitting to start off this week’s Around the Web with a short history of Ultron, coming to us from the good folks at  Ultron is one of my favorite Avengers villains.  The whole idea that he is basically Hank Pym gone completely mental appeals to me, especially when Ant Man and Wasp are a part of the Avengers.


Seriously though, this guy is a homicidal robot?…Okay, maybe they’re on to something here.

Apparently Nintendo has decided it’s time to move backwards in technology. Nintendo is releasing a new 2DS, which is basically their 3DS, only without the 3D functionality.  As well as the 3DS is doing, I have to wonder why they’re doing this.  I have a 3DS and while I rarely use the 3D, it’s still pretty cool to have from time to time, especially for cut scenes.

On the up side, Nintendo did put some thought into the system and reviews say it has a good feel and balance, which is important in a handheld console, though it doesn’t fold like previous systems.

Thanks to Miley Cyrus’ antics at the MTV’s Video Music Awards this week, twerking has now made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary. You might ask yourself why this is worth of your attention, and the following video would be the reason why.

Morgan Freeman could narrate just about any part of my life, and I would love every minute of it.

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