Editorial | Review: The Wolverine

While the fearless leader of Therefore I Geek has pretty much given a flawless review of The Wolverine, there are some things I wanted to point out in the movie.

First of all, I must say that I have always been a big fan of the star-crossed love story of Jean Grey and Wolverine. Jean may have loved Scott Sommers, but she shared a special part of her heart, and a psychological connection that transcended even her death, with Logan. While her appearance in The Wolverine might have been confusing to someone new to the X-Men movies, it resonated with die-hard fans, I think.

However, having said how much I enjoyed seen Jean again, I must also point out that Mariko is, to paraphrase one of the above mentioned diehard fans, “Wolverine’s greatest love.” It seems like an odd decision to lessen the impact of her arrival on the Wolverine movie timeline by continuing to show Logan’s flashbacks to his deceased flame whose consciousness may or may not still be around.

Speaking of Mariko, a study of Wolverine’s behavior would seem to show that, given a choice of two attractive Japanese girls, he would choose to love the bad ass one, not the one that didn’t know how to fend for herself.

Finally, I would like to point out that superheating a blade does not increase its cutting power. In fact, if adamantium were heated to the point that it could cut through adamantium, it would be melting on itself. Fail.

Overall, I walked out of the theater feeling unimpressed. These plot points coupled with a ridiculous amount of handcam for action sequences, and an overly dark palette of colors force me to give this move just three out of five Death Stars.

3 Death Stars

[I DID however squeal ever so slightly over the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer at the beginning of the movie. Well done, movie creators!]

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