Editorial | When Cosplay Goes Wrong

I have to apologize for the late post this week.  I am in Maine for the first two weeks of July volunteering with a summer camp for elementary school kids.  The theme for the week was (Most) Dead Men Tell No Tales, which is obviously a pirate concept.  In a rush of crazy ambition, I decided to take my novice cosplay skills for a test run…  to what affect, you can see here.

The pirate chest is filled with prizes for the end of the week… but are those modern paddles leaning against the wall?  And who decided that vines were a good idea??

The rocks were actually my idea… and the rum bottle.  Sadly, it is bone dry (see what I did there?  ‘Bone’ dry?  Funny, right??  Oh… nevermind…)

What in the world are those styrofoam pieces supposed to be??

Our mascot of the week is Elijah Bones, the skeleton pirate.  This corner actually turned out pretty well… probably because I had nothing to do with it.

Elijah Bones, and a... lobster pot...?

Mascot of the week, Elijah Bones

The most authentic prop?  The live Fiddler Crabs in a tank near the front door.  The kids are fascinated, and I may be kinda infatuated, myself.

Four females. The male died before the first day :(

Fiddler Crabs!!

Getting the kids to learn new songs was… interesting.  Fortunately, the song leading pirate was patient.  I never knew that pirates sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”  Ya learn something new every day.  We were going for authenticity, but it appears that ship has sailed.  (Yeeaaahhhhh!!!!  No?  Really?  Ok…)

Now everyone clap with me!!

Don’t look too closely at that tank… I mean pirate ship!

Skit time!  Captain Joshua Bones (grandson of the late Elijah Bones) is telling the story of the dread pirate Ned Low who disappeared on his way to Brazil and probably came back to Maine to hide his treasure.  (As a side note, although I AM responsible for the costumes (don’t laugh) I did NOT made the hook he is wearing.  In fact, it is a point of contention even now LOL.)

Captain Joshua Bones & crew

Cosplay at its finest!

So although things at the blog have been proceeding smoothly in my absence, I will be in Maine for one more week.  Not to worry!  I’ll be back in my usual spot with a great editorial for you next Monday!

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