Winning Science June 26, 2013

This one almost leaves me speechless. This reminds me of A Scanner Darkly.  I’m not sure what is worse, the fact that my tax dollars paid for a Death Ray, or that my tax dollars paid for a Death Ray that DIDN’T WORK. If you’re gonna waste money on a Death Ray, it had better work, damn it!


At least when Keanu was narcing on himself, he was too stoned to know better. What is the FBI’s excuse?


I’ve seen enough movies to know that aliens showing up at our doorstep doesn’t usually end well for humanity.  It probably won’t help their mood if we bombard them with whatever random crap the internet decides we should send them.  Also, Stephen Hawkings basically gave the BBC a recap of the plot of Independence Day, and they apparently didn’t notice.


Come on people, I saw this movie when I was 11. Even Jeff Goldblum figured it out!

As someone with a family history of diabetes, I think this is pretty cool.  It looks like we’re still a long way from functional artificial organs, but every step we take helps us improve life for millions.


However, as someone who went to college, I’m wondering when the artificial liver will be on its way.

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